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KYGN UK is now part of GAGA UK

After twelve years, KYGN UK is handing over all its work with the KYGN school to GAGA UK. We are pleased to inform you that all donations for KYGN will be managed by GAGA UK. Just click on this link to make one off or regular donations to KYGN or for more information email

All donations via GAGA UK go directly to KYGN

A message from Annamariah Kanondo

KYGN Director

We are delighted to be working with GAGA UK and thank KYGN UK for all they have done over the past twelve years.  Without your generous donations and the work of KYGN UK, the school could not have developed to provide the life-changing educational experience it does for so many children.  We thank you so much for your support.


Want to fundraise for KYGN?

Thinking of doing a sponsored walk, bike ride or cake sale? You can start a KYGN fundraiser using the GAGA UK Just Giving page.  In the 'Activity Details' box choose a phrase that refers to KYGN e.g. 'Bike Ride for KYGN'.  This will ensure all funds received from your donors will be ring fenced for KYGN.

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